Sources & Thanks - Daniel M Grossi

Did you know the largest (known) bald eagles nest weighed nearly 4,500 pounds!? Or how about that the oldest bald eagle on record was 38 years old before being hit by a car in New York in 2015? I sure do know a lot about birds and other wildlife don’t I? Conservation status, scientific names, interesting facts etc. It sure is a lot to commit to memory. And how am I able to correctly identify all these crazy creatures? Well, the truth of the matter is that I’m far from an expert. I do thorough research for every post I create, and I use only reputable sources of information that I often double check before sharing that information with you. Sometimes I’m wrong however, and if you ever do find me in error, please let me know. You may even get a free print out of it. Along with the online sources listed below, there are a few individuals I’d like to name that have helped me along the way. On the photography side of things there is Steve Perry. He’s a professional wildlife photographer you can find more info on at his website Also, he’s probably the most informative and professional wildlife photographer in the YouTube world. He posts no nonsense, to the point, accurate and helpful videos for new and experienced photographers alike. You can find him on YouTube here: Another greatly influential photographer to me is Arthur Morris. You can find him at He’s the standard when it comes to bird photography and his critique forum has been integral in taking my photography to where it is today. On the birding side of things – there are too many local birders to name them all. But one that I must thank specifically is Janice. You’ve motivated and influenced me much more than you probably know. Along with Wikipedia (always double checked), and an array of Facebook pages and online forums dedicated to bird and other wildlife enthusiasts and professionals, here are some of my common sources of information.